Under-20 2018

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Group B Div 1






Group B
Round 1

04-02-2018 (Sun)
Naas V Sarsfields
Ballymore Eustace V Moorefield

Round 2

11-02-2018 (Sun)
Moorefield V Naas
Sarsfields V Ballymore Eustace

Round 3

18-02-2018 (Sun)
Sarsfields V Moorefield
Ballymore Eustace V Naas

Unlimited substitutions

Division 1, 2 are 15 aside. Div 3 15 aside, 13 a side by agreement. Agreement cannot be withheld.

Round Robin 3 league games 

Matches on Sundays

Dates 4th Feb 11th Feb 18th Feb 



1. Games cannot be changed except with the consent of the County Competition and Control Committee
Cill Dara.
2. Application for change/postponement shall be based on exceptional criteria for example: Death of a
player, club official, prominent club member
or close family relative of above. Agreement C.C.C. Cill Dara must be given. Games to be re-fixed by C.C.C.
Cill Dara
3. Approval from Kildare CCC is required for proposed fixture changes. Clubs requesting a
postponement/change must have a proposed re-fixture date agreed before contacting the CCC for
approval.  Written confirmation of this proposed re-fixture date is required from both club
secretaries.  CCC Cill Dara decision is final.
4. Division 1, 2 and 3 (8 teams in each division) (2 sections of 4) Semi Final pairings are 1-
(Section A Home) v-2 Section B and 1 (Section B home) V 2 (Section A) 1 have home venue.
Division 4. (6 teams’ division).  Top two teams in division to Final

Final league positions will be decided by the following criteria:
Rule 6.21 (4) T.O.2016
(i) Where two teams only are involved the outcome of the meeting of the two teams in the
previous game in the competition.
(ii) Scoring difference (subtracting total scores against from total scores for) Scoring
average (divide total score against into total score for)
(iii) Highest total score for
(iv) A play- off
Exception to (c): (1) In relation to means (ii) and (iii) above if the accumulated scores of a
team, so involved, are affected by a disqualification, loss of game on a proven objection,
retirement or walk-over, the tie shall be decided by a play-off.
(2) Regulations (i), (ii) and (iii) shall not apply to under 16 or younger age grade competition

6. Extra time will be played in all play-offs (if required), semi-finals if applicable and finals.
7. Failure to notify Kildare CCC with adequate notice (24 hours) of a postponement or agreed re-fixture
will result in a fine Noncompliance and exceptional cases will be dealt with by Cill Dara CCC. (Rule 7.7
T.O. 2016)
8.  Division 1, 2 are 15 aside. Div 3 15 aside, 13 a side by agreement. Agreement cannot be withheld.

9. Where a club has entered a team in the Under 20 league competitions and then
withdraws before the commencement of the league, or fails to fulfil two fixtures within the
competition, the team will be eliminated from this competition with immediate effect and a fine
will be imposed on the club in breach of this rule. (Rule 7.7 T.O 2016 applies).
10. Home team in Under 20 league games must use alternative colour jerseys i.e. second set in
the event of clash with the opposing team.  Noncompliance will result in a fine. (Rule 7.7 T. O