Player’s Profile- Niall Hurley Lynch

Thanks to Senior footballer Niall Hurley Lynch for taking part in our latest interview.
We would like to wish Niall and the Senior team the best of luck in the semi-final of the Championship this Saturday.
Moorefield -v- Celbridge
Venue: St. Conleths Park
Saturday 4th October, 3pm
“Nothing beats being there”

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Player’s profile

Name: Niall Hurley Lynch

Date of birth: 22/08/1988

Height: 5’ 9

Position: Corner Forward

Position you would like to play:

Anywhere in the backs, they don’t want to do anything! We have to tackle and score these days.

Favourite club player: Conor Mellett

Favourite county player: Colm Cooper

Biggest influence on your football career:

I’d have to say my parents they always supported me and Gerry Moran has a huge influence on the majority of the panel.

Best advice someone has given you:

When Eddie shoots always follow it in cause it will probably drop short.

Best grounds you’ve played in: O Moore Park

Best player you’ve played with: Jamie Potts

Best player you’ve played against: Alan Freeman (Mayo) in Chicago

Sporting hero: Paul Gascoigne

One county player you’d like to see play for Moorefield:

We are stuck for a decent centre forward!

Career high:

Last year’s County Final

Career low:

Getting my Ma to ring Sos Dowling to tell him I was sick and couldn’t train.

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Getting to know your Team-Mates

Who’s your best friend on the team?

I’ve played with Dave Whyte the whole way through but he slide off this year so I’m using Adam and Cally till he gets back .

Who’s the tough nut of the team?

Kevin O’Neill

Who’s the quickest?

Eamonn Callaghan or Houlie but he normally gets 10 yards falls over and gives away a goal.

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team?

Phille Wolfe is always up to something.

Who’s the most skilful?

Ciaran Kelly or Adam Tyrrell

Who’s the best trainer?

I don’t know I’m normally too far back in the runs to see who’s at the front.

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

Liam Callaghan.

Who is the best dancer?

I’d say Roli or Podge.

Who is the worst dancer?

Eamonn Callaghan.

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

Think I’ll give that to myself.

Who’s the worst dress sense?

The Kerry boys have had some unusual outfits this year.

Who’s the laziest trainer?

The Lonergans never train.

Funniest nickname on the team?

Ger Naughtons “rapper” name is Dixienotch

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??


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