Captain’s Profile- Daire Dunne

Thanks to Senior Reserve A Captain Daire Dunne for taking part in our latest interview.
We would like to wish Daire and the Senior Reserve A team the best of luck in the Reserve A Championship final this Sunday.
Moorefield -v- Sarsfields
Venue: St. Conleths Park
Sunday 14th September, 12 noon
“Nothing beats being there”

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Name: Daire Dunne

Date of birth: 4/4/91

Height: 6″0 I think

Position: Centre back

Position you would like to play:

I kind of miss my midfield days you could get away with more, centre backs get away with nothing

Favourite club player:

It’s a tough one, Niall Hurley lynch, Eddie Heavey and Ger Naughton are personal heroes of mine

Favourite county player:

The whole Donegal team that beat Dublin, they are all my favourites at the moment

Biggest influence on your football career:

My Da,  despite knowing nothing about G.A.A he always made me go training and was always able to tell when I had a bad game

Best advice someone has given you:

Moggy told me if I eat properly I’ll lose weight and get fit quicker, seems simple but was effective advice

Best grounds you’ve played in:

Dr Cullen Park is a nice pitch

Best player you’ve played with:

I had a good midfield partnership with Adam Tyrell we just understood each other

Best player you’ve played against:

Johnny Doyle was a joy to watch that’s why I couldn’t keep up with him I wanted to see what he would do next

Sporting hero:

John Carew is a villa legend he once didn’t show up for a Europa league match because it was his birthday and he wanted to go to the strip club and no one cares about Europa league. You have to admire that

One county player you’d like to see play for Moorefield:

Aidan O’Shea

Career high:

When I was made captain this year

Career low:

All of my many injuries

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Getting to know your Team-Mates

Who’s your best friend on the team?

Anthony Durney who’s girlfriend just gave birth to their first son, congratulations Dur, or Eamonn Callaghan who’s girlfriend gave birth to his son 2 years ago congratulations Cal

Who’s the tough nut of the team?

I don’t think it’s the toughest team we ever had but we still have one of the old boys in Niall Whyte he likes to get into a tackle

Who’s the quickest?

Aaron Mullins or Cally are the quickest and would be on most teams

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team?

Eoin O’Connor and Kevin O’Donnell share a lot of private jokes at least I think they’re jokes

Who’s the most skilful?

Mark Murnaghan has a few tricks that sometimes come off for him

Who’s the best trainer?

Lee Murphy loves training

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

Kevin O Donnell strolls out at whatever time he feels like

Who is the best dancer?

Me I’m the only one that can twerk

Who is the worst dancer?

Tom Kinsella, My god he looks like one of those inflatable things you see outside shops with the wavy arms

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

Aaron Mullins he is going to give out now that I said him which will just confirm to me that he is the biggest whinger

Who’s the worst dress sense?

All of the young lads I can’t keep up with them

Who’s the laziest trainer?

Kevin O Donnell

Funniest nickname on the team?

Chris Crowley has one I think his girlfriend calls him snoopy if I remember correctly, it’s cute really

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??

Anthony Durney, they love Dur.  I heard a rumour that he is making Seamus godfather

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