Player’s Profile – Eamonn Callaghan

Thanks to Senior  Reserve A footballer Eamonn Callaghan for taking part in our latest interview.
We would like to wish Eamonn and the Senior Reserve A team the best of luck in the Reserve A Championship final this  Sunday.
Moorefield -v- Sarsfields
Venue: St. Conleths Park
Sunday 14th September, 12 noon
“Nothing beats being there”

Cally 3

Name: Eamonn Callaghan

Date of birth: 15/5/90

Height: 5ft 10

Position: Wherever I’m told

Position you would like to play:

Played centre forward mostly this year with the second team enjoyed that the most

Favourite club player:

Adam Tyrrell is my hero

Cally 4

Favourite county player:

Kerrys James O’Donoghue at the moment

Biggest influence on your football career:

My really old brother Liam always playing and my dad has a lot to do with me starting football too


Best advice someone has given you:

Pass the ball haha

Best grounds you’ve played in:

Played in Croke Park when I was 13 before Kildare and Dublin Leinster final that was a good memory, but I love the big St. Conleths pitch

Best player you’ve played with: with

Moorefield’s Ronan Sweeney, he has to be the stand out player

Best player you’ve played against:

Keeping it in Moorefield, Podge Flynn is a nightmare to run after on a pitch in training

Sporting hero:

Floyd Mayweathers constant drive for success and to never lose is a mindset every sports man should have

One county player you’d like to see play for Moorefield:

James O’Donoghue or Paul Flynn

Career high:

Beating Sash last year in the county final

Getting to know your Team-Mates

Who’s your best friend on the team?

Adam Tyrrell and Niall hurley lynch we car pool Adam, he is still learning to drive

Who’s the tough nut of the team?

Ryan Moore puts on a good act so I’ll give that to him

Who’s the quickest?

My brother will have something to say but it’s me all day everyday haha

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team?

Too many jokers but I’ll give it to Mark Murnaghan

Who’s the most skilful?

Ciaran Kelly tries some outrageous flicks in matches

Who’s the best trainer?

There’s a good few Podge Flynn,  Liam callaghan and Kevin Murnaghan

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

My brother Liam nobody comes close

Who is the best dancer?

I don’t think we have any good dancers to be honest

Who is the worst dancer?

I’m pretty shocking

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

Eoin O’Connor is such a cry baby

Who’s the worst dress sense?

The two O’Connor brothers have turned up with weird combinations

Who’s the laziest trainer?

Niall hurley lynch hands down

Funniest nickname on the team?

I’m not sure but Chris Crowley has a nickname Pugsey which he won’t tell us the story behind it

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??

Kevin Murnaghan has luke head over heals in love

Cally 1

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