50 Years!

May 18 is 50 years since Moorefield won their first Senior Championship title… in celebration of the event some of the players from that year will join us in the clubhouse after the Senior Championship match in Hawkfield. All are welcome!


50 years ago

Leinster Leader, Saturday, May 18, 1963




By Staff Reporter


MOOREFIELD …  2-11   ;   KILCULLEN …  0-2


For the first ten minutes of the 1962 senior football championship final at Droichead Nua on Sunday spectators had visions of an epic encounter but the best wine came at the beginning and for the remainder of the match the superiority of the Droichead Nua side was too marked to lend anything more than passive interest to the long postponed encounter.

Moorefield won easily and fully deserved the victory but full marks to Kilcullen for a game display against a vastly better side.

While the result of the game was generally anticipated, for the first ten minutes it looked as if Kilcullen were all set to fill the role of giant killers in this opening period they fielded beautifully, passed adroitly and combined so well generally that they looked a better team than the home side, rattled and unsettled by the unexpected co-ordination and speed of the visitors.

But the picture changed completely in the thirteenth minute when a high shot from Moorefield sharp-shooter Harry Fay found the back of the Kilcullen net.

From then on Moorefield were always shaping the better and at half time it was obvious that only a miracle would prevent the Droichead Nua team from winning their first ever senior football title.

Deserved More

But Kilcullen battled back right gallantly in this first half and while they gained only one other point they deserved a little more being in very bad luck on at least one occasion when a high dropping ball which seemed to have the defence well beaten dropped in a muddy patch on the goalline and was scrambled clear.

And the visiting defence was best during this period when many Moorefield raids were broken up or cleared. The fact that Moorefield had eleven wides in the  first half was by no means entirely due to inaccurate shooting but was to a great extent brought about by the wholehearted efforts and close policing of the Kilcullen defence.

Kilcullen had only three wides in the first half and one of them was from a 14 yards free almost directly in front of the goal-mouth.

After the interval positional changes were noted on the Kilcullen lineout but they proved of little avail against the rival side which became more the masters as the second half progressed.

It was a great pity that towards the end of what otherwise was a clean and sporting game, and when it was obvious that the 1962 champions had eventually been decided, the spirit of ugliness should enter the game with at least two outbursts which ended in flying fists.

Sent Off 

A player from the losing side got marching orders from referee Kevin Burke and the game ended peacefully, yet one must record dissatisfaction that the premier senior club game in the county should not have been free of these unsavoury scenes and incidents.

In retrospect, the outcome of the game came as no surprise, for the Moorefield team, even on paper, seemed to outclass the opposition so completely that their victory was assured. Yet all honour to Kilcullen for a valiant effort, especially in the early stages.

This was their first venture in senior standard for a number of years and they did well to reach the county final and put up such a spirited display against a side with the services of three county regulars and quite a number of “possibles” for All White jerseys.

While Moorefield shaped the better in all sectors their greatest asset lay in attack where Fay, McCarthy and Farrell were outstanding. Fay being particularly accurate on most occasions and McCarthy using his weight and undoubted football “brains” and experience to play a captain’s part in his comparatively new role as centre forward.

In the centre, Paddy Moore and P. Anderson had the edge on T. Connell and Shamie Aspell, although at times Moore found himself with his hands full trying to cope with the resourceful Kilcullen captain, Connell.

Joe Moran, Jimmy Cummins and J. McDermott were most noted in a sound Moorefield defence and one must again record the fine efforts of Jimmy Cummins, surely one of the best “small men” in football in the province to-day.

For Kilcullen, full-back, J. Barker had a great game and he was ably assisted in the defence by B.Doyle and B. Duffy. In the circumstances, the midfield pairing of Connell and Aspell did quite well, while in attack the Mitchell brothers, J.Kelly and C. Aspell did well.

The Play

Moorefield opened the scoring when McCarthy sent over in the third minute but the advantage was short lived as Kilcullen shaping really well, stormed back and C. Mitchell sent over the bar from a free.

Kilcullen continued to press without avail and the next score, in the thirteenth minute, was a Moorefield point punched over by John Farrell.

Seconds later came Harry Fay’s grand goal, and sustained Moorefield pressure brought points from Fay (18th minute) and McCarthy (21st)) before Sean Lambe sent over for Kilcullen in the 24th minute.


Moorefield were soon rampant again and had points from Fay (26th) and McCarthy (29th) to leave the interval score – Moorefield 1-6, Kilcullen 0-2.

 It was very much a case of one way traffic in the second half with Moorefield always on top and their rivals mounting only occasional and ineffective attacks.

Seven minutes after re-start, Dowling sent Moorefield further ahead with a point, a minute later McCarthy punched another and in the 14th minute Clinton had a Moorefield goal.

Moorefield were then complete masters to the end, further scores coming from Fay who had three points to leave the final tally Moorefield, 2-11;  Kilcullen, 0-2.

 Moorefield – D. Craddock, F. Whyte, M. Behan, J. McDermott, J. Cummins, J. Moran, D. Stapleton, P. Moore, P. Anderson, R. Clinton, T. McCarthy, J. Dowling, J. Farrell, H. Fay, J. Gibson.

Kilcullen – T. Lynch, S. Schwer, J. Barker, N. Emanuel, B. Doyle, B. Duffy, T. Aspell, T. Connell, S. Aspell, G. Mitchell, H, Mitchell, J. Kelly, S. Lambe, C. Aspell, M. Lambe. Sub –M. Kennedy for Emanuel.

Referee – Kevin Burke.

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