Leinster Leader Senior League Round 14


MOOREFIELD          1-15

ELLISTOWN              0-08
Moorefield secured a place in the league final on Sunday afternoon with a comfortable win over Ellistown
in Round 14 of the league. Moorefield dominated the opening stages of the game
but kicked numerous wides in the first few minutes and Ellistown were first on
the scoreboard when Aidan Leonard kicked a good point from play. Adam Tyrell
levelled the game in the 7th minute with a great point from the half
forward and Philie Wolfe put the Moore’s in the lead a minute later when he
fisted the ball over the bar after a great ball from Kevin Murnaghan. Adam
Tyrell kicked his second point in the 10th minute with another great
point from play after excellent work from David Whyte, Kevin Murnaghan and
Ciaran Kelly. Philie Wolfe pointed from a free in the 11th minute
and Adam Tyrell kicked his third point of the game in the 19th
minute after an excellent ball from Ger Naughton to put the Moore’s four points
clear. Ellistown kicked their second point of the half in the 20th
minute after corner forward Aidan Leonard pointed from a free. Moorefield
replied instantly with a superb point from Ciaran Kelly. Moorefield took
control for the final ten minutes of the first half with Philie Wolfe (2),
Niall Hurley Lynch (2) and Keith Duane adding points before the break to leave
a half time score of 0-11 to 0-02.
Ellistown were a much better team in the second half and played some great football. Aidan Leonard
pointed from a free in the 3rd minute and half forward Jason Byrne
hit a good point from play in the 4th minute after a good ball from
Philip Hennessy. Adam Tyrell was have a superb game for Moorefield and kicked
his fourth point from play in the 5th minute after Ciaran Kelly won
possession and sent in a great ball to him. Keith Duane pointed from a free in
the 10th minute to put the Moore’s into a comfortable nine point
lead. Gavin Dowling and Aidan Leonard added points for Ellistown in the 15th
and 19th minute to reduce the deficit to seven points but the
Moore’s replied with a goal from substitute Aaron Mullins after Ross Glavin
made a great catch and combined with Lee Murphy who sent in the ball to
Mullins. Ellistown refused to give up with midfielder Tom O’Loughlin hit an
outstanding point from midfield and Aidan Leonard kicking his 5th
point of the game. Keith Duane and Brian McGrogan added points for Moorefield
to leave a final score of 1-15 to 0-08.
Best for Moorefield: Kevin Murnaghan, Philie Wolfe, Adam Tyrell, Keith Duane, James Lonergan.
Best for Ellistown: Tom O’Loughlin, Philip Hennessy, Aidan Leonard
Scorers Moorefield: Philie Wolfe 0-04, Adam Tyrell 0-04, Keith Duane 0-03, Niall Hurley Lynch 0-02, Brian McGrogan 0-01, Ciaran Kelly 0-01, Aaron Mullins 1-00.
Scorers Ellistown: Aidan Leonard 0-05, Jason Byrne 0-01, Tom O’Loughlin 0-01, Gavin Dowling 0-01

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