Leinster League Senior League, Round 4

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22nd April 2011




MOOREFIELD          2-11

MAYNOOTH                        1-11

Herbert Cup finalists Maynooth put up a big test to league holders Moorefield on Friday evening in a very enjoyable game. Maynooth started the strongest when Pierre Ennis opened the scoring 20seconds into the game with a good point from play. Centre half forward Conor Canning kicked a good point from play in the 4th minute after good work from Sean Kennedy and he pointed once again in the 9th minute to put Maynooth three points clear. Patrick Murray opened the scoring for the Moore’s in the 14th minute when he converted a free and he reduced the deficit to a point two minutes later pointing from his second free. Full forward Jason Philips put the Moore’s in the lead for the first time in the 18th minute when he scored a superb goal after a great ball from Padraig O’Flynn.  Patrick Murray put them three points clear in the 20th minute when he scored a great point before Maynooth added three points coming from John McAndrew (2f) and a good point from Pierre Ennis to level the game once again. Frank Hanniffy kicked a fine individual point in the 29th minute after excellent defensive work from James Lonergan who combined with Padraig O’Flynn to set up Hanniffy for the point. Maynooths John McAndrew pointed from a free in the 31st minute to leave the team level at half time (1-04 to 0-07).

Maynooth took the lead in the 4th minute of the second half when Pierre Ennis pointed from a free but the Moore’s replied instantly with a super point from Barry Dempsey after great work from Kevin Murnaghan. Moorefield were in front once again in the 8th minute with another free from Patrick Murray. A mix up in the Moore’s defence saw Maynooth take the lead once again when Seamus McBride beat Moorefield keeper Tom Corley for a goal, and John McAndrew pointed from a free to leave three points between the teams. Frank Hanniffy levelled the game with his excellent free taking when he converted three frees in the 16th 17th and 19th minute but Maynooth had victory in mind and took the lead once again with a point form Pierre Ennis. The game was level once again a minute later with a point from Frank Hanniffy and the crucial score came in the 23rd minute when Jason Philips scored another great goal after a great ball from James Lonergan to leave a goal between the teams. Adam Tyrell hit a great point from play in the 27th minute after great work from Captain Kevin O’Neill and Barry Dempsey to put them 1-01 ahead. Pierre Ennis pointed from a free in the final minute but it wasn’t enough for Maynooth with the Moore’s winning the game 2-11 to 1-11.

Best for Moorefield: Colin Lonergan, James Lonergan, Kevin O’Neill, Padraig O’Neill, Patrick Murray and Frank Hanniffy.

Best for Maynooth: Sean Kennedy, John McAndrew, Conor Canning and Pierre Ennis