Leinster Leader Senior League, Round 7

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28th May 2011



MOOREFIELD          1-11

RATHANGAN           1-07

Moorefield recorded their sixth league win on Saturday evening with a four point victory over Rathangan. Brian Mullally opened the scoring for Rathangan within the first minute after Diarmuid O’Donoghue won possession from the throw in and sent in the ball to Mullally in corner forward. Moorefield replied two minutes later when Philie Wolfe pointed from a free and they took the lead in the 6th minute when Keith Duane kicked a good point from play after a great ball from Niall Hurley Lynch. Duane kicked his second point in the 8th minute with another good score from play, Philie Wolfe and Patrick Murray pointed from frees in the 15th and 18th minute to put the Moore’s into a four point lead. John Mulpeter kicked Rathangan’s second point in the 20th minute when he pointed from a 45 yard free and Brian Mullally reduced the deficit to two points after he converted his second free. Moorefield were dominating midfield and Kevin Murnaghan won possession from the kick out and sent in a great ball to Philie Wolfe in full forward who laid the ball of to Niall Hurley Lynch who fired the ball past Rathangan goal keeper Joe Lyster to put the Moore’s into a 1-02 lead. James Lonergan made a superb run from the half back line to knock over a point in the 25th minute after excellent work from Ger Naughton and Kevin O’Neill. Rathangan replied in the 28th minute with a well worked score from full forward Davy Connell. Moorefield kicked the last score of the first half in the 30th minute with a superb point from Niall Hurley Lynch after a great pass from Kevin Murnaghan, to leave a half time score of 1-07 to 0-04.

Moorefield were first to raise the white flag in the second half when Patrick Murray hit an excellent point from play in the second minute to put them in a comfortable 1-04 lead.  Rathangan’s first score of the second half came in the 5th minute when half forward Eoin Kennedy pointed from a free and they got a crucial goal in the 10th minute when they were awarded a penalty which Kennedy successfully took to leave just three points between the teams. Brian Mullally and Alan Broughan pointed from frees in the 16th and 19th minute for Rathangan to leave the narrowest margin of a point between the teams and it now looked as if either team could win this game. Moorefield upped a gear or two for the final ten minutes, Frank Hanniffy kicked a fine individual point from play after excellent defensive work fro Ger Naughton and great work from Philie Wolfe who set Hanniffy up for the point. Substitute Gareth Duffy kicked a good point from play in the 27th minute to put them three points ahead and Philie Wolfe kicked the final point of the game with a good point from play after Kevin Murnaghan who was dominating midfield won possession and combined with Patrick Murray who sent in a great pass to Wolfe for the final point of the game.

Best for Moorefield: Padraig O’Flynn, Kevin Murnaghan, Niall Hurley Lynch, Frank Hanniffy and Philie Wolfe.

Best for Rathangan: John Mulpeter, Eoin Kennedy, Brian Mullally and Davy Connell.

Scorers Moorefield: Niall Hurley Lynch 1-01, Philie Wolfe 0-03, Patrick Murray 0-02, Keith Duane 0-02, Frank Hanniffy 0-01, James Lonergan 0-01, Gareth Duffy 0-01.

Scorers Rathangan: Eoin Kennedy 1-01, Brian Mullally 0-03, John Mulpeter 0-01, Davy Connell 0-01, Alan Broughan 0-01.