Leinster Leader Senior League, Round 3

17th April 2011




MOOREFIELD                      1-09

ST. LAURENCES                   0-07

Moorefield kept to winning ways in the league with a victory over St. Laurence’s. The Moore’s played the full game with fourteen men after an incident before the throw in seen Philie Wolfe sent off. From the throw in, this game was highly competitive and very physical with both teams determined to win. St. Laurence’s opened the scoring in the 2nd minute when full forward John Fogarty kicked a good point from play. The Moore’s levelled the game in the 8th minute when Ronan Sweeney pointed from a free. Patrick Murray put the Moore’s in the lead in the 9th minute with an excellent point from play after Daryl Flynn made a superb catch at centre field and sent in a great ball to the full forward line for Murray to knock over the score. Ronan Sweeney converted his second free in the 10th minute with Patrick Murray pointing from a free in the 12th minute to put the Moore’s three points clear. Half forward Dom Grufferty replied instantly with a good point from play in the 17th minute to leave two points between the teams. Ronan Sweeney pointed from a free in the 21st minute and kicked a great point from play in the 25th minute.  St. Laurence’s had numerous chances in the first half to knock over a few scores but Moorefield’s defence were cleaning up with Ger Naughton having a great game in full back. Patrick Murray pointed from a free in the 30th minute to leave a half time score of 0-7 to 0-02.

Moorefield got off to a flying start in the second half when Ronan Sweeney beat his Kildare team mate Shane Connolly for a goal in the 3rd minute.  James Lonergan made a great run from the half back line in the 9th minute to knock over a point to put them nine points clear. St. Laurence’s raised their game after this score with John Fogarty kicking a good point from play and Padraig O’Neill making a great run from midfield to knock over a point to leave seven points between the teams.  Ronan Sweeney kicked the Moore’s final point of the game with an excellent point from play after good work from Kevin Murnaghan to leave eight points between the teams. St. Laurence’s were giving a lifeline in the 22nd minute when they were awarded a penalty. John Fogarty stepped up to take the penalty which was fantastically saved by Paraic Canavan. St. Laurence’s refused to give up with John Forgarty pointing from a free and Padraig O’Neill kicking another good point from play to leave six points between the teams. Dom Grufferty pointed from a free for St. Laurence’s in the 30th minute to leave a final score of 1-09 to 0-07 for the Moore’s.

Best for Moorefield: Ger Naughton, Kevin O’Neill, Daryl Flynn, Ronan Sweeney and Patrick Murray.

Best for St. Laurence’s: Dom Grufferty, John Fogarty, Padraig O’Neill,

Scorers Moorefield: Ronan Sweeney 1-05, Patrick Murray 0-3, James Lonergan 0-01

Scorers St. Laurence’s: John Fogarty 0-03, Dom Grufferty 0-02, Padraig O’Neill 0-02.

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